Monday, 2 September 2013

Cycling being encouraged in the Peaks, but are Derbyshire Police being Lacklustre?

Many MPs that represent the Peak District highlight that cycling is an integral and celebrated part of this much loved national park. Our national cycling team routinely train on the hills, and the area is always frequented by many cyclists. However, given the back drop of the #GetBritainCycling debate, with MPs from the Peak District welcoming new funding for cycling, and demanding better police enforcement, are the Derbyshire police taking aggression against cyclists seriously?

It appears the police are doing very little about this very recent hit and run on the Snake pass where a cyclist was deliberately knocked off his bike at very high speed.

Yet next week many cyclists are being encouraged to visit the park for the inaugural Peak District Cycling Festival. There are various events, many of which are sportives where participants will be cycling long distances on the road. Can the Peak District justify attracting cyclists to the national park if it's police force are being lacklustre in investigating a serious and deliberate hit and run?

If you would like to know what is being done maybe tweet the council and police?

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