Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The Richard Wellings' Dodgy Calculator

A 2 minute delay equals a £16 billion loss per year. This sounds like bullshit....

Well, if there's 33 million vehicles in circulation that's 66p per minute of delay.

16000000000/365/33000000/2 = 0.66

66p is the equivalent of an £84k annual salary (0.66 x 60 x 40 x 52)

However, not all 33 million vehicles are on the road at the same time, even in rush hour. So the £84k rate has to be a bare min.

So Wellings believes that your time in a car is worth much more than £84k per anum.

To further demonstrate what garbage this is, if you drive an hour to work an hour back each day that's approximately equal to £20K per anum (60x0.66x52x2x5).

Anyone out there being paid £20k a year for just driving to work? Or "losing" £20k a year because they drive?

What about professional drivers such as hauliers? They're paid for driving, obviously, but unless I greatly mistaken do you know any hauliers that are paid greatly in excess of £84k a year?

Of course Wellings doesnt publish his "scientifically peer reviewed" calculation - it's only available by private communication with him....

So may it's just bullshit...

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